Coco is such a pretty kitty! And, as we say in Texas, I’m sittin’ pretty, having made my last post to the 2009 365 Photo Challenge. I fell short of 365, but still feel good about the 341 photos I did post since I started quite late and missed many days of posting due to travel and internet issues.

Let’s raise our glasses in a toast to 2010 and the Virtual Photowalk!


Common Moorhen swimming around a shallow pool of water on South Padre Island.

Kids have fancier playgrounds these days.

As you can see, Coco is relaxed while I am busy on 365 commenting! Notice the improved behavior (she’s not ON the computer).

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Harvested some chili petins (bird peppers) for some homemade hot sauce.

Planting native grasses in the yard has improved the environment for the wildlife in our area (more wholesome).

Goldfish and silver mosquito fish (gambusia).